Friday, August 3, 2018

Trying To Grow Garlic Indoor

I purchase some Garlic Bulbs about 2 weeks ago. And my mistake is storing  them inside my pantry in a plastic bag. There is no air circulation so some of it got spoiled.

I put few holes on this plastic pink bucket. Then tried collecting good cloves of garlic and plant it in this bucket. I am planning to bring this inside before winter.

 I will see if I still can harvest good garlic in about 10 months from now from this bucket.

For the meantime, I went to my favorite garden store to ask for some good garlic bulbs. They said, they will have them on September which is a perfect time to plant garlic outdoor. In case, they run out of stock for me in September, I will order them online.

I am really serious and excited to grow garlic, both indoor and outdoor. Wish me luck!!

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