Saturday, August 4, 2018

Messy Vegetable Garden

This is my Messy Vegetable Garden. An obvious garden of inexperience gardener. This is my second year of Vegetable gardening, and it is really a challenge how to grow vegetables while keeping the garden looks neat and tidy.

I made another trellis to hang some of the squash vines that’s growing on the ground,  and it really looks messy still. 

But at least, it cleared up the front pathway,  and it looks better in a distant view .. 🤣

I guess, this is another lesson to keep for next years Gardening. I need a bigger, taller and stronger trellis for my butternut squash. 

I was advice by my friend not to plant butternut squash and just buy it at the store. But I love butternut squash so I will grow it again next year. I just need to create a good trellis to accommodate the space it needs to grow.