Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fruits for Heathier Lifestyle

I feel so unhealthy. My weight keeps going up. No clothes fits on me anymore. I really think it’s time to loose a little weight and feel good when I put on my clothes. Because all I wear are t-shirts and sweat pants.

Not that I want to loose a lot of weight so I can wear sexy clothes, I just think I put on so much weight.

My first focus is to eat at heathy as I can. I am substituting white rice to Quinoa. Avoid too much meat. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

I will always make sure that there are always fruits in my kitchen so when I get hungry, fruits are there to fill me up.

I love mango, so I will definitely be slicing them when I want it. Strawberries are essential but I am not really a fan. I love cantaloupes but it’s so much effort to prepare it. So I slice cantaloupes and strawberries and mix them together. This way, I can just scoop it when I need it .

It will also be easier for kids to eat cantaloupes and strawberries.