Monday, July 23, 2018

Galvanized For Garden Flowers

I purchased this Galvanized Bucket at Walmart for only $20 + Tax and the pink plastic bucket for less than $5. I am planning to use it as a pot for my annual flowers next year. I want to make sure that next year, my back and front yard will be full of flowers. I will put these two Galvanized Bucket on the front porch to give my front house a feel of rustic country style garden and I will add small pots around it.

As you see, I purchased a lot of annual flower seeds in preparation for next years gardening. One thing I learnef about annual flowers is that, they add extra striking colours in the garden and they grow faster as long as they are being watered everyday. 

My garden is nice now compare to two years ago when I started cleaning my backyard. I painted some pink around my shed to make it look like a country cottage style and I am so happy with the outcome. It’s a continuous learning process and I really hope that next year I can achieve my goal of having a full bloom flower garden.