Sunday, February 25, 2018

Semi DIY Frame for my Cross Stitch

I’ve been to different custom frame studio and ends up all the same price for custom framing for my Maiden of Four Season cross stitch project. Since I divided it to 4, it will cost me CND$100 for each and a discounted price of CND$300 for four frames!!! Are you serious??? And that is only for a standard frame!!! I was so devastated..

I looked around and found this frame in an art store. It’s perfect for canvas and crossstitch projects that needs some stretching for framing. It cost $30+ tax. Yey!!!

There’s a lot of design frames to choose from but this is the only design for this type of cut and size. Very simple and neat. 

I am more excited to make more projects as I don’t have to worry about the expensive cost of customs framing for my cross stitch... so glad!!!