Saturday, December 2, 2017

Determination to Finished

Two Christmas have passed, and here I am still struggling to finish this Santa Clause cross stitch. I guess it’s my laziness or perhaps the pattern is really challenging. But whatever the reason maybe, I am determine to finish it soon!!! Because I have numbers of patterns to finish and I am so frustrated dreaming about it, all hanging on the walls of my house.

Many times that I want to give up finishing this pattern because it’s so frustratingly complicated, but I thought that everything is doing good in terms of the placement of each stitch. So why not finish it before starting a new one !!! 
I have stopped finishing few patterns but simply because I did a lot of mistakes that I just have to stop because it doesn’t look right anymore, and it’s just wasting my time. But this was before I learned that putting numbers on the pattern and on the cloths for guidance, makes it easier specially on large projects, like this one.  Everything is on the right spot so I am determine to finish it and see it hanging on my wall on Christmas of 2018...