Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Safety Shoes For Exciting New Job

I purchased a new safety shoes for my new exciting job. It's pretty cute black with some touch of pink. I am not a fan of safety shoes, infact, I hate wearing them, but I am excited to start  my new job.

I leave everything to God because I believe he knows what's best for us. I am not after about high wages In fact, minimum wage will be just fine as long as it's near to my house and it will be quite interesting for me to make me do a good job.

I tried applying to three to four companies nearby, and all offered low wages and yet, I didn't have luck. So I thought maybe God just wants me to continue doing what I have been doing. In fact, I have purchased a receipt for tax income purposes to declare it as some kind of business.

But fate insists where should I be. A new customer asked for my Resume after telling her one time, about my work experience in manufacturing business. And here I am, excited to start a new job in Aircraft Making. Isn't so cool??? Aside from the cool fact about working  inside an airplane, the wage they offered is more than I expected. 

Yes, I will be working inside an Airplane and it require to wear a Safety Shoes.