Monday, August 21, 2017

Online Purchase for Natural Products

House budget is good that's why I was able to purchased some of my favorite Natural Ingredients from my favorite online shopping store for Natural products. The only things is that, they require $100 minimum purchased so I have to make sure that I have all the important products to purchased and most of all, the budget.

My order includes, 
   * Neem and Castor carier Oil for making skin care products like lotions;
    * Glycerine Oil for making lotions, body wash and more; 
     * Goats Milk Soap base for hubby's soap where all I have to do is melt, put essential oil and mold it; 
     * Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oil for all of my natural homemade skin care and aromatherapy products; 
     * and the newest and first time to try this Foaming Bath Base. I was so happy to try to use it in making body wash, hand soap and foaming bath soap. I will definitely purchased more of this on my next order; 
      * and of course, Beeswax for lotions, and burning Essential Oil inmmy house.