Thursday, August 17, 2017

Busy Business

I've been so busy with my business for a couple of weeks now, that's why I am not able to update my blog. Am I complaining??? Well some days I am, other than that I am pretty much okey.

A couple of months ago, I was a little bit stress since I only have few customers and our household budget was getting tighter. I actually start applying to few companies that I am interested to work with even for a minimum wage,  but no luck!! I even rented out one of our guest rooms to help out with the budget but I still need more for better budget.

Then I thought of paying extra for my business ads to boost some exposure for my business and it worked!!!! I received so many calls..

Since last month, I was busy. I actually have been saying 'NO' to many calls and giving some to my sister in law for extra income. 

I actually want only one customer a day giving me  3 to 4 hours of work a day, for at least, 6 days in a week and I am okey with that. The income from this is almost the same amount I will get if I work 8 hrs a day for a minimum wage. In fact I am getting more money, with few hours of work, and I have more time to take care of my own house and family and of course more time to do things for myself. I think I am okey with my small business. The only downfall is if there is some cancellations but for now, all my customers are good!!! I am busy!!!!

I only want to work few hours a day. I can actually take more customers to make more money but, I really think Peace is more important at this stage of my life. That's why next year, we are going to reconstruct our basement so it can be rented out for probably one or two female !

Should I apply to this company I have thought before of sending a resume and start working full time again ???  They are hiring right now!!! Maybe ???