Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Making My Homemade Lavender Essential Oil

Yesterday, we went to this Lavender Farm at Niagara on the Lake. I took some ideas on how will I make a Mini Lavender Farm on my backyard. 

I also purchased some dried Lavender leaves to try making my own Lavender Esssential oil because I can't wait until my Lavender plant are ready for harvest then wait until the flower dry.

So here I am trying to make my own Homemade Lavender Essential Oil for the first time. 

I am using infusion process instead of Distillation because it is easier and safer. 

I put one whole small bag of dried Lavender Leaves I purchased from the farm, and soak it in Vodka. I will wait for one week or two. I put it on my kitchen to remind me to shake it as often as I can for one to two weeks. I tried opening the bottle yesterday and I can already smell the strong scent of Lavender.

The after one to two weeks, I will strain it with a coffee filter to onother bottle and wait for another two weeks using a tea cloth or coffee filter as a cover to let the alcohol to evaporate, and leave pure essential oil of Lavender. 

So let's wait and follow me in this process..

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