Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Indoor Hanging Plants Decor

I love gardening Indoor and Outdoor but it takes up so much space inside my house when it grow. Sometimes I can't believe how fast most of my plants grow. 

I started growing this Indoor vine on my Powder Room. It grow so fast so I started a new pot to put on my bathroom window. Then it grows fast again so I thought of hanging it on my kitchen since there is a hook for hanging plant by the previous owner on my house.

I never expect how nice it will look!!! So I bought 2 more hanging pot at Dollarama.

This my 3 years  Potho Plants I hanged on my Living Room.

I cut some to grow Pothos Plant from the old one,  for my bathroom but I am hanging it on my TV/ Family Room for now until I buy a hook to hang it in my bathroom.

Now I am thinking of growing some more to hang on some part of my house.

I am not sure what kind of vines is this but I think it's a Jade Potho Plant.