Saturday, July 29, 2017

Facial Steamer Natural Remedy for Sinus Allergy

As I've always said and shared, Facial Steaming is the most effective natural remedy for Sinus Allergy. 

I used to drink allergy pills everyday, that even if it says "non drowsy", will still makes me drowsy the whole day. But ever since I started steaming my face at least 2 to 4 mins, before and after going to bed ( night and morning), my Sinus Congestion due to allergy stops giving me Sinus infection.

Yes, I used to go back and forth to my doctor and pharmacy for antibiotics every time I have Sinus infection, ear infections, throat infection all cause by Sinus Allergy, but I seldom see my doctor now. 

I still drink Allergy pills, once I know that some big Sinus allergy attack is coming due to season changes. Or if I forgot or lazy to Steam my face at night or  morning, but other than that, I  am all free from allergy pills.