Friday, July 7, 2017

Abondoned 2 Years Old Aloe Vera Plant

Look how big my 2 years Aloe Vera Plant and it's having s baby. I am so surprised that this plant can grow this big because I never really give much attention to it. I just put it on the window of our small guess/storage room and water it once in a while. I guess that's the secret... not to give too much water 💦 because Aloe Vera like dry soil.

I bought this Aloe Vera Plant at IKEA 2 years ago because it was so tiny and cute. But then it got big and I have to transfer it to a bigger pot. My little garden on my living room got so crowded so I have to put it on one of our unused bedrooms upstairs that it's kinda like a storage room.

This year, I have to transfer it again to a bigger and wider pot. It's having a little baby so  I guess I am going to have another tiny Aloe Vera on another pot to grow.

I haven't tried putting it on any of my Homemade skin care product but this time I will try adding it to my body wash. 

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