Friday, June 30, 2017

Perennials for My Front Garden

Asiatic Lily and Shiasta Daisy for my front garden. I purchased this two perennials at Costco yesterday.

My husband pull off and kill most the perennials I planted on my front garden from last year when he did the clean up last month, and I was soooo mad.

Now I have to start all over again and wait for them to grow or will they come back after winter. I hope this time they will come back. 

I already clean the front garden yesterday. But it rained when I was about to dig to put these two plants. It's kinda late to put new plants, but I think it will be okey since it's been raining for weeks now. I wanted to put plants before the weather really gets warm. 

I still need one bush or trellis flower plant to put in one spot of my front garden. My head is devating whether I should buy another clematis where the flower blooms from spring to fall but no scent, or a Dwarf Lilac for nice fragrance but only blooms on spring, and both are expensive.. Or should I just buy Lavender and Rosemary?? Both are a little cheaper and with aromatic fragrance too that last long.

Ahhhh whatever!!!