Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Backyard Wooden Sign

I was Just at home 🏡 last Thursday and I was so happy that I was able to make my DIY Wood Sign for my backyard. With a little help from Hubby to cut the old big wood lurking around my backyard, into two pieces. I stained one of them and put my custom words on it. I Ask hubby again to put holes so I can hang it!!!  Wolaaa, unprofessionally made Wooden Sign!!! Hahaha... I saw this kind worth more than $60 each.., Hellllo!!!???? 

 Well we are actually planning to make this part of my backyard to be a Mini Farm for some herb 🌿 and vegetables 🥒 next year. I just thought of making this Wooden Sign board saying "MINI FARM" now because I am pretty excited both on making the sign and making this part of my backyard, a mini farm. Besides, I already planted some herbs and vegetables on my backyard. 

So why will I spend hundred of dollars for something I can make from old stuff???