Thursday, June 22, 2017

Herbs and Vegetables Gardening

Last year, I tried planting Parsley on my backyard and I was happy how much I harvest. I dried all of it and use it all on my cooking for the whole winter. So I thought of planting more this year. I started it from seed and add tomatoes and bell peppers. 

Funny but it's all mixed up. Now I don't know which one are  tomatoes or bell peppers. I guess I have to wait until the fruit come out.
And on the farther back of my backyard, I planted some onion and garlic. However, the garlic hasn't come out yet or will it ever come out at all. I was told that garlic hate weed and this part of my backyard has a lot of weed where I am struggling to get rid off.  

Anyway, hubby and I are planning to put a fence on this part of our backyard and make it a mini farm. I am planning to put a lot of onions, Lavender, Rosemary and some perennial herbs. I am planning to buy two big pots for the garlic to put on this this part of the backyard so it will have less weed. 

Seeing how the Onion grow makes me so excited to plant more to use on my cooking. 

This year, I will try making my own essential oil and if I am successful on making it, I'll make sure to plant more Lavender and Rosemary because these are the two herbs that I love. Maybe a little of chamomile and Peppermint !!!'
I love gardening, I wasted so much time working so hard to make money. I didn't know that there are so much more happiness in many simple ways.