Monday, June 26, 2017

Garlic and Onion for Backyard Gardening

I regret planting only this few Onions on my backyard. I should have put more. I feel so happy seeing them grow so fast. However, I didn't see any Garlic yet or will it ever come out at all. My neighbor said, Garlic hates weeds and this part of my backyard have so much weeds. I am trying to keep it off though.

Hubby and I will put a fence on this part of our backyard and make it a Mini Farm for some herbs and Vegetables wherein I already made and put the wood sign 'Mini Farm'. I can't wait.


This is the part of our backyard where I plant tomatoes, bell peppers and Parsley. These are the plants that don't come back after the winter and I have to start from seeds Indoor.


Some of these Tomatoes, Bell Peppers and Parsley that I started from seeds are already growing so fast. I will definitely plant more next year. I can't wait!!

I have few Lavender and some perennials so hubby and I will put fence to protect them from our dogs on winter when they play around the snow.

And this is the part of our backyard where I have all my perennials.. Some keeps coming but some don't so I have to add every year. We will also put temporary fence on this part for protection 

I love gardening. It's a lot of work, but everytime I see all these plants grow plus their benefits, I can't help to always feel excited each year.