Friday, June 23, 2017

Easy Small Orange Juicer

I have one fruit juicer which I am quite happy. The quality and amount of juice that it can produce is good enough to put in one pitcher. However, it's  bulky and not easy to clean. With someone who have small kitchen with little counter tops, it takes up too much space. So I have to put it inside the pantry. It's also not easy to clean so I end up being lazy to make Juice using it...

Until I saw this Orange Juicer at Walmart!!

I love orange, but since I stop working full time, I never eat fruits. I guess its laziness. Unlike when I was working, I was force to eat fruit coz I packed them for snacks.

This Orange Juicer is small and easy to use and most of all, easy to wash. You can wash it by hands or put it in a dishwasher. 

It can produce one glass of Orange Juice from two orange fruits. It depends on the size of the orange fruit.

Now I am taking fruits again. All natural orange juice rich in vitamins particularly Vitamin C...