Sunday, June 25, 2017

Be A Responsible Dog Owner

It's funny how I see some people having cute dogs on FB. Is it because everybody are posting cute breed dogs??? Is it the trend now??? Well I don't see any problem having dogs as long as you know how to be a responsible Dog Owner. At least learn the basic !!!


I walk my dog 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and one in the afternoon. Good for him and for me!! It slows him down..

I also trained my dog 🐶 to poop in our backyard. I use use a dog poop scooper to pick it up. And I have separate garbage can for Dog poop. This way,  when I walk him, he don't have to poop anywhere. But I still  bring poopy sacs when I walk him because sometimes he feels  the need to poop, but it happens very seldom  because he is not use to pooping anywhere!!! 

Dogs are happy when you teach them how you want them to live with you.  Be a responsible dog owner. Don't get a dog just because you see your friends on FB posting nice dog breeds.