Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cheaper Oxygen Brightener

This is my last Oxyclean that I purchased in Costco. I don't have any complain about it but it's kinda expensive since you have to use bigger portion to make it work, plus you are paying for the name as well. So I decided to switch to Nellies brand which I also purchased as Costco but Online order..
What I love about Nellies Oxygen Brightener is that, a little portion goes a long way so this will probably last for a year.

I still prefer to use bleach on my white rags and for cleaning my washing machine to eleminate the possible growth of bacteria. Just to make sure !! I guess you can call me paranoid...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Anxious To Start Working Full Time

Red Velvet Cheese Muffin,  Chicken Empanadas, Sweet and Sour Fish, and Tofu with Spinach. These are the foods I cooked for today. Real food for my family!

Will I be able to make all of these when I start working full time? 

My kids complain when they found out that I am applying for a job. Who is going to cook???

Oh I learned my lesson after taking 2 years break. I was able to focus on managing my house and time for myself. So I think I can work full time without neglecting my home.

I really hope to get the job with this company I just had interviewed with. I am not excited with the salary and definitely not happy with the time, but I am pretty much good about the fact that it is only about 10 to 15mins away from my house.

The shift is bidding so I would probably end up working in night shift, but I actually don't mind what shift I would end up,  as long as it is a straight shift. I am glad that the shift bidding is good for 6 months, so I am good with that. I am also excited with the opportunity of having their special company benefits after 6 months of  provisionary period. 

What I am really anxious about, is how I will start my life again as a working housewife after 2 years of rest. I can't wait to start a new life with this company. 

I promise myself that when I got this job for full time, I will not take any part time job anymore, like I used to. So I can focus on managing my house.

The problem I learned from this life is that, I get so greedy on making as much money as I can by working double time. Which gives me less time to manage my household properly, and end up spending more money than I should. 

Simple life will give us less stress life. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Slowly Clearing Storage For Natural Products

This storage cabinet where I put all my cleaning products is slowly having space . Why? Because all the commercial cleaning products are starting to run out . I can't wait for the day where all I can see in this storage are all the Natural Ingredients I use in making Homemade Natural Cleaning and Skin Care products like Vinegar, Baking/Washing Soda, Borax, Essential Oil, and most of all Pink Solution .

It will take sometime before this storage will be clear from all unnecessary stuffs.

I feel so bad for spending all those money for products that are not necessary and can be replace by inexpensive yet effective non toxic ingredients for cleaning.

I learn my lesson well, and once I started working again, I'll make sure to keep doing what I have started in making my own Natural Cleaning and Skin Care products. Not only that it is safe, but it also save money .