Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wax or Oil Burner for Indoor Fresh Scent

I turned off my heater coz the weather is great now. I wish it will stay like this.

Now that the heater furnace is not running, it means that the central exhaust is not running as well, and it's still cold outside to open your windows. Which means that the dirt, dust and foul smell in your house stays. 

This is the time when I always make sure that all my Wax Warmer is on, unless the Dehumifier is on or the windows are open.


Wax Warmer or Oil Burner neutralized the scent on your house and putting few drops of essential oil creates a fresh scent. 

I have Beeswax on all my Wax Warmer not only that is known is cleaning the indoor air but it also eliminate bad indoor odour.