Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Small Guest and Storage Room

So now that the other room will be occupied, I only have one room to put some of my stuffs. It's so small that I have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to make look more like a room than a storage room. Because I will still be using it as a guest room. And since the piano is here, I want to make sure that it is still a room to use for my daughter's love for music.

I have to buy this wooden 3 tier shelves at JYSK yesterday for $20 because I don't like to see too many stuffs lying on the floor and under the futon bed. I want to be able to clean the floor properly, I also want to see all the stuff easily,  and be able to dust them well.  I hate dust !!! 

I am thinking of buying another 3 Tier shelves to put on top of the other, because I can still see some stuffs on the floor and the cabinet is still a little cluttered. I want this room to be organize so I won't have a hard time preparing it in case I have a visitor.