Monday, April 17, 2017

Essential Oil for Ants

I hate ants and it's a pain during Spring season when they are all over my house. I am not sure but I think Vinegar attracts them and I love using vinegar to clean my house most specially in the my kitchen. It's lovely in cutting grease and it neutralize the scent of the house.

They said to use Borax with sugar or honey. Borax is good, but I don't like to use sugar or honey with borax to attract ants. It doesn't make sense to have more ants in my house until they all die when they eat the Borax. So it takes time to remove all these ants using Borax alone. They have to eat it to kill them.
I tried using Essential Oil on my Steam Mop. Putting few drops on the rag of the Steam Mop. I use rosemary essential oil but I think palmarosa is stronger that keep ants off my kitchen floor. Happy!!! 

But then ants started climbing on my counter top!!! Grrrrrr!!!! So I put few drops of essential oil on a diluted Vinegar and water and wipe all my kitchen surfaces. I also burn essential oil using a diffuser and oil burner.

It's a lot of work and has to be consistent in cleaning to keeps them away. I vacuum every morning and Mop as often...

Essential Oil seems to block their sense of smell on sweets or foods, so a strong scent is needed and palmarosa have a strong scent. I also read that ants hate mint scent so I put few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on my floor cleaner and Mop my basement last night... So far, it works!!

What about you? Do you hate ants too???