Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Empty Guest Room For Rent

As I've said before, I am looking for someone to rent one of the two room we don't use and I finally found one.

She is coming from Winnipeg and she will stay with us before the end of the month until September for her dentistry examination review.

I will be busy next week so I thought of emptying and cleaning this room last Sunday. And hubby helped me yesterday to switch the single bed from the small room to this room and put the Futon Bed in the small room, since the single bed is more comfortable to sleep in.

This is the room before 
And this is the after I emptied and cleaned it.

We don't really use this room. Sometimes my daughter come here to play her piano and guitar, and I put some of my plants here to grow. I clean it all the time and make sure not to put too much stuffs so when I have a visitor, I won't have a hard time preparing it.

But it still took me almost the whole day emptying and cleaning this room. I thought my House is well organize. I guess I was wrong. I should do more cleaning and organizing. Gzzzz!!!

What about you, how often do you clean and organize your house especially those rooms or space you don't often use? 

I am so glad