Sunday, April 30, 2017

Veggies for My Garden

I can finally see some leaves coming out from these tiny plant pots. They are Tomatoes, red and green Bell Pepper and Parsley.

It will all probably be ready to put on my backyard next week. I hope to harvest a lot before fall season. 

Last year was my first time to plant some herbs and it was so much fun harvesting a lot of Parsley which I used for the entire winter season on my cooking.

This year will be my first time to start everything from seeds. And I am hoping to harvest more.

And probably next year will be more veggies and herbs on my garden to harvest.

Everything is a new learning experience in gardening. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Last Toxic Laundry Detergent

Finally, this is the last drop of Tide Laundry Detergent. No more toxic chemicals on my laundry.

As you see in the picture, I still have this Ecos Natural Laundry Detergent I purchased in Costco. I don't have any issue with this but it's expensive. 
And then there is the Fleecy Fabric Softener. I actually still have one gallon of it. Yes, I love the scent but it causing me and my family some itchy allergy plus, it creates static on dry season. I stop using it when I found out that using Vinegar as Fabric Softener is more efficient especially in helping to remove dog hair on clothes. I only use Fleecy Fabric Softener on Bedsheets for now until it's all done. 

I can't wait to see my laundry room without all these unnecessary stuff but all natural ingredients. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Homemade Apple Juice and Apple Sauce Recipe

I just made my Homemade Apple Sauce using my Jack Lalaine Juice Maker... Yes a Juice Maker!!!

I have pure Apple Juice and use the Pulp to make a Homemade Apple Sauce.

I use about 8 Apples to make this pitcher of Pure Apple Juice.

    * Then I put all the Pulp in a Pan with 2 Cups of water and let it boil for about 10 mins.          
    * Then put 1/3 Cup of Lemon Juice and 
    * 3 Tbsp of Cinnamon Powder ( optional) and let boil for another 5 mins.   
    * Then 1 1/2 Cups of Sugar .. Boils for another 5 mins

It taste so real. Love it with my Multi Grain Pancake

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Small Guest and Storage Room

So now that the other room will be occupied, I only have one room to put some of my stuffs. It's so small that I have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to make look more like a room than a storage room. Because I will still be using it as a guest room. And since the piano is here, I want to make sure that it is still a room to use for my daughter's love for music.

I have to buy this wooden 3 tier shelves at JYSK yesterday for $20 because I don't like to see too many stuffs lying on the floor and under the futon bed. I want to be able to clean the floor properly, I also want to see all the stuff easily,  and be able to dust them well.  I hate dust !!! 

I am thinking of buying another 3 Tier shelves to put on top of the other, because I can still see some stuffs on the floor and the cabinet is still a little cluttered. I want this room to be organize so I won't have a hard time preparing it in case I have a visitor. 

Empty Guest Room For Rent

As I've said before, I am looking for someone to rent one of the two room we don't use and I finally found one.

She is coming from Winnipeg and she will stay with us before the end of the month until September for her dentistry examination review.

I will be busy next week so I thought of emptying and cleaning this room last Sunday. And hubby helped me yesterday to switch the single bed from the small room to this room and put the Futon Bed in the small room, since the single bed is more comfortable to sleep in.

This is the room before 
And this is the after I emptied and cleaned it.

We don't really use this room. Sometimes my daughter come here to play her piano and guitar, and I put some of my plants here to grow. I clean it all the time and make sure not to put too much stuffs so when I have a visitor, I won't have a hard time preparing it.

But it still took me almost the whole day emptying and cleaning this room. I thought my House is well organize. I guess I was wrong. I should do more cleaning and organizing. Gzzzz!!!

What about you, how often do you clean and organize your house especially those rooms or space you don't often use? 

I am so glad 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Essential Oil for Ants

I hate ants and it's a pain during Spring season when they are all over my house. I am not sure but I think Vinegar attracts them and I love using vinegar to clean my house most specially in the my kitchen. It's lovely in cutting grease and it neutralize the scent of the house.

They said to use Borax with sugar or honey. Borax is good, but I don't like to use sugar or honey with borax to attract ants. It doesn't make sense to have more ants in my house until they all die when they eat the Borax. So it takes time to remove all these ants using Borax alone. They have to eat it to kill them.
I tried using Essential Oil on my Steam Mop. Putting few drops on the rag of the Steam Mop. I use rosemary essential oil but I think palmarosa is stronger that keep ants off my kitchen floor. Happy!!! 

But then ants started climbing on my counter top!!! Grrrrrr!!!! So I put few drops of essential oil on a diluted Vinegar and water and wipe all my kitchen surfaces. I also burn essential oil using a diffuser and oil burner.

It's a lot of work and has to be consistent in cleaning to keeps them away. I vacuum every morning and Mop as often...

Essential Oil seems to block their sense of smell on sweets or foods, so a strong scent is needed and palmarosa have a strong scent. I also read that ants hate mint scent so I put few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on my floor cleaner and Mop my basement last night... So far, it works!!

What about you? Do you hate ants too???

Friday, April 14, 2017

Starting My Gardening Indoor

Ohhh I finally started my gardening indoor. I am starting it with Tomatoes, red and green bell pepper and parsley. One it started to sprout some leaves, I will plant it on my backyard.

These are the plants that I usually use for my cooking. So I hope to harvest enough amount that will last before summer next year.

I am planning to plant some onions and garlic too which are also what I used the most for my cooking.

Using plants from your own garden not only will saves you money but it is also healthier since they are organic.

What about you, what are you planting for this summer?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wax or Oil Burner for Indoor Fresh Scent

I turned off my heater coz the weather is great now. I wish it will stay like this.

Now that the heater furnace is not running, it means that the central exhaust is not running as well, and it's still cold outside to open your windows. Which means that the dirt, dust and foul smell in your house stays. 

This is the time when I always make sure that all my Wax Warmer is on, unless the Dehumifier is on or the windows are open.


Wax Warmer or Oil Burner neutralized the scent on your house and putting few drops of essential oil creates a fresh scent. 

I have Beeswax on all my Wax Warmer not only that is known is cleaning the indoor air but it also eliminate bad indoor odour.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Decluttered Fridge

Last time, I decluttered my freezer so I don't have to use the small Freezer in the basement. Today I decluttered my Fridge and realized how much expired stuff I have inside!!!

Some people have negative thoughts when they see an almost empty fridge. But the thing is, if your Fridge, Freezer and Kitchen Cabinet (Pantry)is full of stuffs and you have no more space for new left overs and groceries, it means you are mismanaging your house and household budget. Worst if you have extra freezer full of meat and foods. Meat and foods at the bottom that you cannot get because it's stuck with ice!!!

Try checking all of the stuffs and see how many expired items you have!!! What a waste!!! I know, coz I've been there!!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Room For Rent in Malton Mississauga

We have 4+1 bedroom house. Two rooms on the second floor are for my 2 daughters and 1 being use as storage and the other 1 is available for rent. It will be for female only!!

Me and hubby stay is a small room in the basement.


Why not??? Nobody is using it so I just posted an ad for those who will be interested. I already have few calls. I hope to get one Female renter soon.

Budget is tight and I am trying not to go back to work full time. This will help us in our budget!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Old Angels Design

I have been looking for my stone Fruit frames but I found this stone Angel frames instead.
This an old home decor, about 15 years ago from my old townhouse. It's like a Rustic Italian or Roman home decor. It's an old style but I love it.

I am planning to transform my basement into this kind of design with a touch of modern Rustic feel!!! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Place To Relax

This my favorite spot in my house because it's near my kitchen where I can watch the TV shows while I am cooking. It's just few steps away from food and drink when I am just relaxing while watching TV.

This is also the place where I do my cross stitching while watching the news on TV.

I also love this place because this is the spot where I can see my backyard and see my plants during summer.

Yes, this is my place to Relax but this is also the messiest and dirtiest spot in my house because this is where my kids eat while watching TV and playing with the dogs.

Keeping this place clean and tidy all the time, is a challenge because of my 2 dogs. That's why I vacuum and mop this place every morning and sometimes before I go to sleep.

Kitchen For Homemade Natural Household and Personal Care Products

I have been spending a lot of time on my small kitchen in my basement lately. So I decided to put a little decor and make it look more like a real home kitchen. I wish I have the budget for renovation but unfortunately, it's on my last list of priority, so I guess it will be like this   for a long time unless I win. Lotto.. lol..

Although, I am using Natural Ingredients in making Homemade Household Cleaners and Personal Care products, it is still appropriate to make it in a separate location from your kitchen. I am just happy that I have 2 kitchens in the house.

But if you only have one kitchen, I guess the best place for making Homemade Household Cleaners and Personal Care products is on the Laundry area.