Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Make Toilet Bomb Cleaner??

I just made this Natural Toilet Bomb Cleaner using this recipe

    1 Cup Baking Soda
    1/4 Cup Citric Acid 
    20 drops Essential Oil
Mix and mold and wait to dry
12 pieces!!! Huh!!!!

This is toooooo much effort for a toilet bowl cleaner. Even if I am not working full time, I am not going to spend time doing this just to clean my toilet bowl especially that I have 3 toilet bowls to clean. Also Citric Acid is hard to find and mind you, it's not CHEAP!!!!
I actually use Vitamin C and grind it..

My purpose of making Homemade natural products is due to allergy, and to save money because all these natural products we buy in store are expensive !!!

Why make this Toilet Bomb when all you can do is a very easy, simple and cheap recipe like this
       1 Cup Baking Soda
       1 Cup Vinegar
Mix and wait until the bubble subside then put in a squirt bottle and shake. It separate so shake it before using 

This I use for daily cleaning especially on my powder room because this is the most used toilet bowl in the house. Once a week I will add 1/4 Cup of Alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide on all my toilet bowl...,

I also use this base recipe as my Dish Soap.

Why make life complicated when you can make it easier and cheaper !!!