Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Reusable Napkins

I am serious when I said I want to save money and one of the thing in our house that keeps running out so fast are the tissues or napkins.

So I thought of making a reusable tissue in a box. All I have to do is wash it and put it back on the napkin box that I personally made. How's that???
I just put one small container on our powder room so I can just throw the used cloth and wash it.

Nasty??? Why??? My kids don't like the idea so they still use the regular disposable napkins. Look, I have active bladder and I go back ang forth in the washroom plus I have allergy so I sneeze a lot.

To make sure it's all clean and disinfected, I run it in the washing machine for few cycle with Oxygen and alcohol, and soak it together with other small clothes like undies and socks for about an Hour or sometimes overnight, before completing the wash cycle.

I purchased the box in Dollarama and put a hole just like a regular tissue box. The good thing about this box is I can open it and easily put a new clean batch of clothes.
The reusable clothes that I use is just and old t-shirt. I cut it into a small rectangle size and run the edges on my sewing machine and then fold it overlapping to function like regular tissue box. 
I love that I can put a cotton pad on the side with few drops of essential oil so every cloth smells so good. Love it

Will you make one to save money?