Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Making My Bed To Start The Day

I always start my day by making my bed. Why??? First, I love seeing my bed nice and neat whenever I come inside my room.

Second, it's just a reminder for me that I am done sleeping and it's about time to start a productive day .

My house is small and old. I have 4 bedrooms upstairs and one small bedroom in the basement. Me and hubby stays in the basement. I like it cold and I have everything I need in the basement like my ingredients in making Homemade products in my basement little kitchen, which is few steps away from my room. I also like the fact that the laundry is right next to my room where I can just throw a load of laundry before or after I sleep.

We also have the big TV there and hubby love being there playing his play station.

My house is my Home...