Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Laundry Loads Can Ruin Your Weekend

Laundry Loads can really ruin your weekend. This is what happen to me that's makes my life as a working housewife very stressful.

I work full time before and the only time I can do household chores is during the weekend. But then sometimes the company will ask for a mandatory overtime. So ok, I'll do it next weekend, but then here comes the weekend and somebody invited us... Oh well ok, I'll load some and do the rest next weekend... but then we have to go somewhere which I promised the kids two months ago!!!!!

Do you imagine the loads of dirty clothes???? Ahhhh STRESS!!!!

So loading one to two loads of dirty clothes a day will help you save your weekend

I did two loads today!!! And I hang my clothes in my tiny dysfunctional bathroom in the basement that is close to the furnace which makes the clothes dry faster during the winter season.

I use the dryer a lot on Spring and Fall when it's always wet and cold outside to hang the clothes to dry and the furnace barely run..

And even if I am not working full time anymore, laundry and the rest of household chores can still ruin my weekend. So I do chores everyday one at a time and that includes laundry, quick vacuum, dusting, tidy up, wiping etc.. This way, dirt and dust won't file up and makes my deep cleaning on the weekend easier and faster.

Try it, and just do the foldings on the weekend.