Friday, February 24, 2017

Beeswax On Electric Wax Warmer

When I learned that Beeswax can help clean the indoor air, I started burning Beeswax in my house. And then I saw some nice Electric Wax Warmer at Walmart. So I purchased few because I find it easier and safer than using candle or tea light candle on wax burner.
Black Wax Warmer in my room
Wax Warmer in my Basement
Plugin oil/ wax burner in my little kitchen in the basement. My dog cage is there
Wax Warmer in my family room or TV area near my kitchen
And Wax Warmer on our Living Room
I use this Essential Oil diffuser using just water, on my kitchen whenever I am cooking 
I am going all natural inside my house due to allergy and I find Beeswax very helpful