Monday, February 20, 2017

Back To Blogging

Its been almost two years since I last posted on this blog. This is the only blog with domain that I have since I cancelled all the domain name of my other blogs. I just lost my motivation in blogging and making money in blogging for many reasons.

First I find it difficult to find time updating my blogs, and payout in blogging got cheaper and cheaper. I find it not worth my time and effort anymore.

I also, cancelled my Webstore for my Mineral Makeup products, because I got busy with my part-time business in cleaning residential houses. Oh yeah, extra money is faster and easier plus, at that time that, I know that the company that I was working with, is going to close so I thought I have to find a part-time job with faster earnings in case the company close since money in blogging is not as good as it was. And the company actually close last year 2015. My last day with the company was May 2015.

I was actually happy because I have been wanting to quit the job, but I thought that I need something in return for my years of service so I waited for this day. I thought of it as a blessing because the company gave us a reasonable separation pay.

I just totally lost my motivation in selling Mineral Makeups and natural products, and making money in Blogging. It's just too hard to do everything at the same time. I just wanted to enjoy my Employment Insurance benefits and the freedom to be a housewife. I was trying to catch up with my lost time being a wife and a mother. I am so happy, keeping my house clean and cooking for my family everyday.

And now, that my Employment Insurance Benefits expires, I thought of finding ways that can save money because I really don't have any plan to work full-time in any company, at least for now. I still have to see. I am accepting some residential help in cleaning and babysitting for extra income.

Recently, I learnef that I can make my own cleaning and personal products which I will share on this blog on the following days to come. Yes I will start blogging again on this blog.

I have been wanting to buy a domain name for my Mineral Makeup Blog since I terminated my webstore, to continue making and selling my Mineral Makeup, but Google made it hard to get a domain name now. I don't know if I have the time to learn how to do it. So for now, I will try to share and perhaps sell my products through this blog and probably advertise it somewhere.