Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Temporarily Stopping For New Projects

It’s unfortunate, but I am planning to temporarily stop the effort of finishing this Santa Slay crossstitch pattern. It is unbelievably so complicated and I am so frustrated that it’s been more than a year that I have neglected my goals of starting the new projects I have in mind. I am not permanently removing my thought of finishing this, but for the meantime, I want to satisfy my dreams of seeing all the nice patterns hanging on my walls.

Somebody gave a down payment for my room rental today so I guess I have a budget to start the new crossstitch patterns I just ordered.

The 3 cooking chef which I considered a small project that I know I can finish in no time. I can’t wait to hang it on my kitchen.

 And the Maiden of Four Seasons, which is quite a big project, but I know I can finish it before summer and I can’t wait to see them hanging on wall of my stairways going upstairs.

Plus, I still have the Angel of All Seasons to start, to put on my basement..,

I am replacing all the frames on my main floor and basement with my crossstitch projects. 

I am ordering more patterns soon!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cross Stitch Thoughts

My mind is full of cross stitching projects. Infact, I ordered another new patterns online, even though I still have few pending cross stitch patterns that I haven’t started yet because I am so stuck working on this Santa Slay!!!

This Santa Slay pattern is sooooo unbelievably complicated and my patience is being challenged. In fact, I am already thinking of abandoning this project so I can start a new less complicated pattern.

Good thing that I still don’t have the budget to buy the accessories for the project I wanted to start. Money will come sometime early next year, and if this Santa Slay project is not yet done by that time, I might stop doing it and start a new one!!!

I have two cross stitch projects with completed supplies I purchased in the Philippines, but it is not my excitement to start it for now... I am more excited  to start doing the Angels of Four Season pattern that I purchased online last year, and I can’t wait to see it hanging on my wall!!!

I can’t wait until I see those cross stitch projects hanging all over my house!!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Little Late Christmas Tree

I put up my Christmas Tree a little late this year, than usual. I guess it’s because I am working full time now and my mind is full of something else.

Well it’s about 21 days before Christmas so it’s not really late. Part of the Christmas light is not working so I have to buy a separate Christmas light.

I love decorating my house during Halloween and Christmas. It brings the spirit inside the house. A different atmosphere to celebrate with..

What about you?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Determination to Finished

Two Christmas have passed, and here I am still struggling to finish this Santa Clause cross stitch. I guess it’s my laziness or perhaps the pattern is really challenging. But whatever the reason maybe, I am determine to finish it soon!!! Because I have numbers of patterns to finish and I am so frustrated dreaming about it, all hanging on the walls of my house.

Many times that I want to give up finishing this pattern because it’s so frustratingly complicated, but I thought that everything is doing good in terms of the placement of each stitch. So why not finish it before starting a new one !!! 
I have stopped finishing few patterns but simply because I did a lot of mistakes that I just have to stop because it doesn’t look right anymore, and it’s just wasting my time. But this was before I learned that putting numbers on the pattern and on the cloths for guidance, makes it easier specially on large projects, like this one.  Everything is on the right spot so I am determine to finish it and see it hanging on my wall on Christmas of 2018...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time For My House

Oh yeah, I am working full time now. But who said I have no more time to do things I love to do??? Keeping my house tidy, straight and clean is one of my passion and since my work is just 3.5 km away from my house, that gives me more time for myself.

I always want to make sure my house is always clean and tidy especially the kitchen 

And today, I changed all the curtains of my house and re-arrange my living room in preparation of putting my Christmas Tree up..

One thing I learn from this life is, having a house that is clean and organize means happiness!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Job

OMG it’s been a while since I posted my days here!! There are so many things I missed sharing but then again, it’s good to be back!!!

Oh yeah, I started my new job last Oct. 16, 2017, after my 10 days vacation in the Philippines.

What a wonderful moments !!!

Then I started going straight to work and it was indeed  a new adventure for me. It’s quite stressful but I got the hang of it now. 
I started on day shift but I started going on afternoon shift this week. I like dayshift but I never know that afternoon shift works a lot better for me... Well it’s 3.5km away from my house so both shift is good but afternoon shift works better since I don’t have to wake up early in the morning with the sound of my alarm!!!

I am happier !!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Safety Shoes For Exciting New Job

I purchased a new safety shoes for my new exciting job. It's pretty cute black with some touch of pink. I am not a fan of safety shoes, infact, I hate wearing them, but I am excited to start  my new job.

I leave everything to God because I believe he knows what's best for us. I am not after about high wages In fact, minimum wage will be just fine as long as it's near to my house and it will be quite interesting for me to make me do a good job.

I tried applying to three to four companies nearby, and all offered low wages and yet, I didn't have luck. So I thought maybe God just wants me to continue doing what I have been doing. In fact, I have purchased a receipt for tax income purposes to declare it as some kind of business.

But fate insists where should I be. A new customer asked for my Resume after telling her one time, about my work experience in manufacturing business. And here I am, excited to start a new job in Aircraft Making. Isn't so cool??? Aside from the cool fact about working  inside an airplane, the wage they offered is more than I expected. 

Yes, I will be working inside an Airplane and it require to wear a Safety Shoes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coffee Syrup Pump

The Coffee Syrup Pump I ordered at Amazon arrived the next day... So happy !!! And look how nice it looks on my Coffee corner ?? 

Not only that it made my Coffee Station looks nice, but it also made my flavoured Coffee Latte easier to make.

This is one spot in my house that I love ❤️!! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Time To Put Plant Indoor

It's getting cold outside so it's time to put Indoor Plants 🌱 inside the house 🏡.

Actually, not all these plants 🌱 are indoor plants. Most of these plants are Perennials and can grow outdoor, like the Spearmint, Rosemary, Lavender and Mini Rose 🌹. They'll go dormant on winter ❄️ season and grow back on springtime. But I decided to put these on a pot so I can grow it Indoor for some reasons. First, it smells good in the house 🏡 . Second, it says it's a natural pest repellant especially for mosquitoes and I find it somewhat true. Third, I can take some leaves 🍃 and use it for my cooking 🍳.

I love plants not only that it serves as an indoor air purifier but it also looks good!!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

More Fresh Tomatoes From My Garden

More Fresh Organic Tomatoes from my Garden means more Tomatoe Sauce.

It's getting colder and I am trying to harvest as many good Tomatoes as I can before the plant dies. A lot of the Tomatoes are covered with the leaves so it can't ripe properly. I feel bad about it. 

I can't wait 'til next spring to start growing Tomatoes again on my garden. This time I will do it right and make sure to harvest as many tomatoes as I can. 

Container Label For Organizing

I am always having a hard time looking for the match of pillow cases, so I organized all the pillow cases that have and don't have match and put it all in a container and label them.

Then the other container is for all the seasonal pillow case and runner and all that has to be repair. Labelling is a great way of organizing to make life easier!!! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Guest Room for Second Guest

My first guest left yesterday so I clean and washed the Bedsheets right away because today is the day my second guest is coming.

This is probably the last guest for this room because next year, we will have the basement renovated to accommodate the guest and have her own kitchen. And to have privacy for my family.
The bathroom will not be private so we can still use it for emergency and most of all, I can make sure that it is always clean.  

I am still thinking if I will have two guests in the basement or use the extra room for my craft.

For now, one guest is good !!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Corner Hanging Shelves

I purchased this Corner Hanging Shelves on a new Home Decor Store at Woodbine Mall this morning. I put it on my Coffee Corner and I am happy how it turns out.

I love this new Home Decor Store and I will definitely come back to buy more for my house.

I love decorating my house.!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Harvest From Backyard

Hubby harvested all of these from our backyard!!! It's son nice 👍!!!

I will make some squash for our dinner tonight and make all these tomatoes 🍅 as homemade Tomatoe Sauce !!! 

It was my first time to grow tomatoes, so I wasn't able to put a good support and it looks awful!!! 😂. 

Next year, I know what to do and I'll make sure to make look nice !!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Growing Vines For The Basement

As I've mentioned on one of my posts, that I am Growing More Vines To Hang Indoor, and I also mentioned that I will try to see if I can grow Vines in my basement. And here's they are, growing nicely in one of the window in my basement where there are lots of morning sunshine.

Now I know that it is possible to have plants in the basement especially that this the part of the house where it really needs some plants for  air purification. As long as there are some sunlight, these plants can grow. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Online Purchase for Natural Products

House budget is good that's why I was able to purchased some of my favorite Natural Ingredients from my favorite online shopping store for Natural products. The only things is that, they require $100 minimum purchased so I have to make sure that I have all the important products to purchased and most of all, the budget.

My order includes, 
   * Neem and Castor carier Oil for making skin care products like lotions;
    * Glycerine Oil for making lotions, body wash and more; 
     * Goats Milk Soap base for hubby's soap where all I have to do is melt, put essential oil and mold it; 
     * Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oil for all of my natural homemade skin care and aromatherapy products; 
     * and the newest and first time to try this Foaming Bath Base. I was so happy to try to use it in making body wash, hand soap and foaming bath soap. I will definitely purchased more of this on my next order; 
      * and of course, Beeswax for lotions, and burning Essential Oil inmmy house.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Busy Business

I've been so busy with my business for a couple of weeks now, that's why I am not able to update my blog. Am I complaining??? Well some days I am, other than that I am pretty much okey.

A couple of months ago, I was a little bit stress since I only have few customers and our household budget was getting tighter. I actually start applying to few companies that I am interested to work with even for a minimum wage,  but no luck!! I even rented out one of our guest rooms to help out with the budget but I still need more for better budget.

Then I thought of paying extra for my business ads to boost some exposure for my business and it worked!!!! I received so many calls..

Since last month, I was busy. I actually have been saying 'NO' to many calls and giving some to my sister in law for extra income. 

I actually want only one customer a day giving me  3 to 4 hours of work a day, for at least, 6 days in a week and I am okey with that. The income from this is almost the same amount I will get if I work 8 hrs a day for a minimum wage. In fact I am getting more money, with few hours of work, and I have more time to take care of my own house and family and of course more time to do things for myself. I think I am okey with my small business. The only downfall is if there is some cancellations but for now, all my customers are good!!! I am busy!!!!

I only want to work few hours a day. I can actually take more customers to make more money but, I really think Peace is more important at this stage of my life. That's why next year, we are going to reconstruct our basement so it can be rented out for probably one or two female !

Should I apply to this company I have thought before of sending a resume and start working full time again ???  They are hiring right now!!! Maybe ??? 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Innovative All In One Coffee Brewer

The Ninja Coffee Bar I ordered at Costco online was delivered to our house 🏡 in 3 days. I am impressed!!!

On my previous post, I mentioned that the Flavoured Syrup For My Coffee I ordered at Amazon arrived in two days. And now that my new Coffee Brewer is here, my luxurious way of making coffee for breakfast is complete. I just need to familiarize myself in making homemade latte or cappuccino. 

I know that this is kinda impractical especially that I am trying to save money, but I just need to reward myself by something, after working hard in saving money!!! 😂 

I am happy so far with my new Coffee Brewer, as well as my daughters who love coffee... Just something to smile !!! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Flavoured Syrup for my Coffee☕️

The Torani Syrup I ordered about two days ago from amazon finally arrived. It's Vanilla, Toffee and Hazelnut flavour. I can't wait until the new coffee brewer I ordered at Costco arrived.

Is this good for our health??? I am not sure actually 😂. But I love ❤️ it for my coffee ☕️.

 Here is one things I know, one Cup of Coffee ☕️ a day is healthy but more than that is unhealthy. 

So why not enjoy it with some fancy tasty flavour ??? Right? 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Squash Fresh From Our Garden

My neighbor gave me a small plant about two months ago saying it is s squash but he is not sure what kind. It turned out to be a type of Squash we eat back in the Philippines, called 'upo'.

I cooked it the way my mother cooked it and I love ❤️ it. 

Ginisang Upo for our dinner fresh from my garden. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Facial Steamer Natural Remedy for Sinus Allergy

As I've always said and shared, Facial Steaming is the most effective natural remedy for Sinus Allergy. 

I used to drink allergy pills everyday, that even if it says "non drowsy", will still makes me drowsy the whole day. But ever since I started steaming my face at least 2 to 4 mins, before and after going to bed ( night and morning), my Sinus Congestion due to allergy stops giving me Sinus infection.

Yes, I used to go back and forth to my doctor and pharmacy for antibiotics every time I have Sinus infection, ear infections, throat infection all cause by Sinus Allergy, but I seldom see my doctor now. 

I still drink Allergy pills, once I know that some big Sinus allergy attack is coming due to season changes. Or if I forgot or lazy to Steam my face at night or  morning, but other than that, I  am all free from allergy pills.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fancy Bottles for Herb Infused Cooking Oil

I purchased this Fancy Bottles at Michaels two days ago. I have no plan to buy anything fancy at Michaels because their items are all expensive. I was just there to buy chalk coz their chalks are good quality. But then I saw this Fancy Bottles 70% off... woooolaaa!! I have been looking for a bottle to put all my Herbs Infused Cooking Oil.

I have Harvest my Herbs on my Garden and in the process of drying all of them now, so I can use it on my cooking. 

I wanted to infuse my Olive Oil with the Lemon Thyme and Mexican Oregano and this Bottles are perfect!!! 

I put it on my kitchen window and it really looks nice. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Filtering Infused Lavender Olive Oil

 I already started the process of my Lavender Essential Oil Filtration a couple of days ago, and I am so happy how it smells.

I put the Filtered Liquid of Infused Lavender Leaves in a Mason Jar and covered it with Coffee Filter.

It's been in my basement for a couple of days now and the scent on Vodka is starting to evaporate slowly... 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Recycling Coconut Oil Container

I love Coconut Oil. I use it a lot on my cooking. Not only that it is healthy choice but it also taste cook. 

I buy this Bulk Coconut Oil at Costco. The bucket looks nice and I thought of re-using it.

I put my bulk Baking Soda that I purchased at Bulk Barn. 

Instead of buying a big container, why not re use it...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Herbs 🌿 Harvest Day

Yesterday is a  Herbs 🌿 Harvest Day for me. I didn't accept any jobs and reserve the day to work on my garden and harvest herbs to start drying them.

I harvest the remaining Lavender on my Backyard and hanged them in my basement.

Then late afternoon, I Harvested few Parsley on my backyard hoping to have more before the end on summer.  I also harvested from my one year old Mexican Oregano in a pot on my front patio.

What surprised me is the Thyme that I planted last year on my backyard, that I thought was just a regular Thyme. I realized, it was a Lemon 🍋 Thyme. It smells soooo good!! 

I hanged all them outside and I will put it in the basement once the water stops dripping.

I will be using this on my cooking!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lavender First Harvest To Dry

It's my first time to harvest Lavender from my garden to dry. I hanged it on the stairs going to my basement because this is a place in my house that is dark, cool and dry

Every time I go to my basement, I can smell the sweet and calming scent of the Lavender and I just love it!!!

I will wait for probably two weeks to completely dry,  and start making my Home Lavender Essential Oil. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Reason To Put Plants In The Bathroom

I am putting more plants in my bathroom because not only that it looks nice, but it also purify the air in my Bathroom.

I put my 3 years Old Peace Lily Plant in my Bathroom because it's getting big and my dog can reach it on my kitchen table. I read somewhere that Peace Lily Plants is poisonous for animals. 

I tried putting my Peace Lily Plant in my living room but the sunlight is burning the leaves so I thought of putting in in our bathroom. Peace Lily is one of the Indoor Plant that is great for Bathroom because it helps in removing molds on air.

I can't wait to grow more of my Indoor Plants to put on my bathroom.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Growing New Vines to Hang Indoor

As I've said on my post about Indoor Hanging Plant Decor, that I wanted to grow more vines to hang on some of the corners of my house and so I did.

I am trying to grow this Pothos Plant in my Kitchen window and once the roots is establish, I will add it on my bathroom hanging plants 🌱 

Then this Vines I am trying to grow in my basement and see if it will survive using my Himalayan Salt Lamp as it's light source. If it survive, I will definitely grow more for some part of my basement.

It will be nice to have plants in the basement as it helps clean the air and absorb moisture as well. I really hope that  this plant can establish a root and grow in my basement .

Friday, July 14, 2017

5 Tier Wood Shelves For Plants

I have organized this Small Guest and Storage Room before but I realized I need more place for my Indoor Plants because I am planning to grow more Herbs Indoor on winter season. So I thought of buying this 5 tier wood shelves at JYSK.

It looks a lot better than the first time I decluttered this room. This room is small and humid so I think this is a good place for some of plants that needs humid environment but doesn't need too much direct sunlight, like my Jade, Evergreen and Aloe Vera plant. I put them on the window so it will get a little sunlight during the day 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lavender Olive Oil for Cooking

I tried infusing Lavender Olive Oil for cooking. It's almost a week since I started the process but I can't wait to use it in my cooking so I tried it on my baked Salmon. The taste doesn't make a lot of difference but health wise, it does!!!

Lavender is not cheap even if I have some on my backyard, so I'd rather use the leaves in making essential oil.

I am thinking of using Rosemary infused Olive Oil for cooking instead because Rosemary have stronger scent and taste than Lavender. 

I can't wait until my Rosemary Plant grow to use it on my cooking and making essential oil. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Indoor Hanging Plants Decor

I love gardening Indoor and Outdoor but it takes up so much space inside my house when it grow. Sometimes I can't believe how fast most of my plants grow. 

I started growing this Indoor vine on my Powder Room. It grow so fast so I started a new pot to put on my bathroom window. Then it grows fast again so I thought of hanging it on my kitchen since there is a hook for hanging plant by the previous owner on my house.

I never expect how nice it will look!!! So I bought 2 more hanging pot at Dollarama.

This my 3 years  Potho Plants I hanged on my Living Room.

I cut some to grow Pothos Plant from the old one,  for my bathroom but I am hanging it on my TV/ Family Room for now until I buy a hook to hang it in my bathroom.

Now I am thinking of growing some more to hang on some part of my house.

I am not sure what kind of vines is this but I think it's a Jade Potho Plant.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Making Lavender Essential Oil

It's been a week since I started the process of Making My Homemade Lavender Essential Oil. I can now see the Essential Oil coming out from the Dried Lavender Leaves. I open the bottle once and I can already smell the strong scent of Lavender..

Putting the Vodka Bottle on my kitchen is very effective on reminding me to shake it to help the essential oil to naturally come out. 

I can't wait to filter it and use it!!! And my Lavender plants are is full bloom now!! I can't wait to harvest the flowers and use it in making my Lavender Essential Oil...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wider Pot for Mother and Small Pot for Baby Aloe Vera Plant

As I've said on my last post on putting my 2 Years Old Aloe Vera Plant in a wider Pot, here it is. I also put the baby Aloe Vera in a small pot and hopefully, it will also grow big as the mother.

I never use the Aloe Vera Juice as much as I am suppose to, on my skin care products. But since I already have enough Aloe Vera leaves 🍃 , then I might as well use it...

I love gardening!! What about you??

Friday, July 7, 2017

Abondoned 2 Years Old Aloe Vera Plant

Look how big my 2 years Aloe Vera Plant and it's having s baby. I am so surprised that this plant can grow this big because I never really give much attention to it. I just put it on the window of our small guess/storage room and water it once in a while. I guess that's the secret... not to give too much water 💦 because Aloe Vera like dry soil.

I bought this Aloe Vera Plant at IKEA 2 years ago because it was so tiny and cute. But then it got big and I have to transfer it to a bigger pot. My little garden on my living room got so crowded so I have to put it on one of our unused bedrooms upstairs that it's kinda like a storage room.

This year, I have to transfer it again to a bigger and wider pot. It's having a little baby so  I guess I am going to have another tiny Aloe Vera on another pot to grow.

I haven't tried putting it on any of my Homemade skin care product but this time I will try adding it to my body wash. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Herbs In a Pot For Indoor During Winter

My addiction to gardening is getting worst!!! 😂🌺..  Since I am starting to make homemade essential oil, I thought of growing herbs 🌿 indoor for winter. So I have Oregano, Lavender, Rosemary and Spearmint in a pot to put and grow indoor during winter.

 Aside from the purpose of making homemade essential oil, these herbs 🌿 smells good inside the house and bugs 🐜, some pests and mosquitoes hate it.  It's a natural bug and insect repellent.

How about you, do you like herbs??

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Making My Homemade Lavender Essential Oil

Yesterday, we went to this Lavender Farm at Niagara on the Lake. I took some ideas on how will I make a Mini Lavender Farm on my backyard. 

I also purchased some dried Lavender leaves to try making my own Lavender Esssential oil because I can't wait until my Lavender plant are ready for harvest then wait until the flower dry.

So here I am trying to make my own Homemade Lavender Essential Oil for the first time. 

I am using infusion process instead of Distillation because it is easier and safer. 

I put one whole small bag of dried Lavender Leaves I purchased from the farm, and soak it in Vodka. I will wait for one week or two. I put it on my kitchen to remind me to shake it as often as I can for one to two weeks. I tried opening the bottle yesterday and I can already smell the strong scent of Lavender.

The after one to two weeks, I will strain it with a coffee filter to onother bottle and wait for another two weeks using a tea cloth or coffee filter as a cover to let the alcohol to evaporate, and leave pure essential oil of Lavender. 

So let's wait and follow me in this process..

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saving Jasmine or Sampaguita Flower Plant

I am so happy to see new leaves coming out from my Jasmine plant. I thought it was dead. I was about to throw it and re-use the pot for my other plants, but I was surprise to see those new tiny green leaves..

It was on the window of my guess bedroom. But since my guess have been using the room, I wasn't able to monitor the soil regularly. I thought she was watering it...

So I cut old branches and took it out on my front patio for direct sunlight and rain water. It worked!!! 

I will transfer it to a bigger pot before the end of summer, together with my aloe vera plant, so it will grow to a healthier indoor plant. I am glad I was able to save my Jasmine plant.