Thursday, September 22, 2011

When To Use Natural Skin Care Products For Acne

I have been receiving inquiries about what is the best Skin Care Products they should use for their acne. Everytime I received this kind of question, I would always suggest them to see a dermatologist.

My Skin Care Products are made from natural ingredients which is very good in cleaning the skin to prevent acne breakout. However, for mild to severe acne, it is important to see a doctor before using any skin care products.

Although, keeping the skin clean by using mild and natural skin care products, it doesn't guarantee the cure for acne. See a medical specialist.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Natural Palm Tealight Candles In Canada

I just send a notification of the availability of my Natural Palm Tealight Candles. It was gone for quite a long time and I am glad it is back now. The prices goes up for more than 50% which is quite disappointing. I guess every price goes up nowadays.

When it comes to our health, prices will have to be ignored. With this Palm Tealight, you will not worry about inhaling dangerous chemicals while keeping your house smelling fresh and clean, because this tealight candles are made from pure natural vegetable oil. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clean Skin To Prevent Acne

Just a simple tip for people who are suffering from mild to severe acne, from my own experience.

As we all know, that acne is usually cause by over production of oil in our face that clog our pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads. And this blackheads and whiteheads will eventually turn into acne if not treated properly.

To prevent clogging of pores that causes blackheads and whiteheads, we should keep our skin as clean as possible and use the right skin care products that is suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. Use a moisturizer that is free from oil as this can easily clog your pores.

Use a facial mask at least two to three times a week but make sure to use a facial mask the is suitable for your skin, otherwise, it will trigger more productsion of acne.

Never prick or remove any blackheads or whiteheads by yourself. Have a professional dermatologist or cosmetelogist or a reputable aesthetician to remove severe blackheads and whiteheads.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Makeup Artist Courses Online

I have received some inquiries and requests about conducting a makeup workshop or makeup party. I would love to do that because makeup is my passion that's why I was able to make my own Mineral Makeup. However, everyone's face have different shapes, color and texture, so I need to take a make up artist courses before I can conduct a makeup workshop.

There are so many kinds of professional makeup artist. There are make-up artists who apply make-up for fashion and photographic models, actors and other performers or even in films and television, brides and many more.

This can be a very exciting jpb, however, it takes a lot of work and dedication to become a professional makeup artist. It requires a lot a research about hair, make up, and clothing styles of specific time periods.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How Mineral Makeup Works For Acne Prone Skin

It's a mistake to say that you can sleep with your Mineral Makeup on. This is definitely not true specially for people who have oily and acne prone skin.

People who have oily skin have more active oil glands so it produces more oil specially when we are sleeping. And during daytime, our skin continues to produce oil and cathces more dirt from our sourroundings. When we sleep without washing our face, our pores will be clogged with dirt and oil that will turn into blackheads and whiteheads and eventually cause acne breakout.

We should always have proper hygiene regardless of what type of skin we have. Always keep your face clean, before and after sleeping. Use proper skin care products that suits your skin. Choose the right Mineral Makeup. Visit me webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

Latest Technology For Skin Care

Here is another skin care clinic that offers latest high-tech skin and body treatments. Harley Street Skincareis owned by Dr Khan and Lesley Reynolds Khan to provide everyone a skin care solutions for signs of ageing or to tackle acne scarring, pigmentation, cellulite or saggy jowls.

They even provide all their patients a full medical consultation. All patients will undergo with the latest Visia imaging technology to give the snapshot of the state of the skin and the level of wrinkles, hydration and the presence of bacteria. This way, there is no chance of overdoing the treatment.

My skin care products are only good for personal use of maintenance. I recommend everyone who are suffering from any kind of skin care problems, to undergo a medical consulation from a medical specialist to evaluate the condition and the right treatment for your skin problem.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Important Mineral Makeup Ingredients For Sensitive Oily Skin

I accidentally came across to one Beauty Content Blog that review different Mineral Makeups products and one of the makeup that catches my attention is this Hygienic Mineral Makeup because it contain only 4 Mineral Ingredients. This must be a really good combination of Mineral Makeup Ingredients for Sensitive Skin but not for someone who have a combination of Sensitive, OILY and acne prone skin. Why? Because it doesn't contain an oil absorbing ingredients.

My Ultiminate Mineral Foundation contain Kaolin Clay and Silica which is a perfect ingredients that helps to absorb oil while it nourishes your skin.

Kaolin Clay contain a healing properties that will gently draw impurities from the skin without removing natural oils while it exfoliates, cleanse, and stimulate circulation which is very good for oily and acne prone skin. It is suitable for oily, blemish prone, normal, sensitive, dry, or mature skin.

Silica on the other hand contain a highly absorbent and used for oil control. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which makes you stay look fresh and natural even after hours of application. It is a wrong idea to put a negative thought about Mineral Makeup that contain Silica because Silica contain a natural anti-aging, collagen production aiding makeup ingredient.

Believe me, those Mineral Makeup that doean't contain these two important oil absorbing ingredients will not last long especially if you have a very oily skin. I have a very Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone Skin, so I know exactly the kind of ingredients that Mineral Makeup must contain to suit my skin.

Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4 to learn more.

Wholesale Beauty Products Online

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries from diffent beauty salon owners. I am glad and it's my pleasure to provide my products to a beauty salon, however, I really think it is still my responsible to choose the right beauty salon wherein my products will sold.

This salon services - have known to be the best wholesaler of beauty equipment and furniture. This is the kind of beauty salon where I will be comfortable to display my products, because I know that my beauty products will be use and offered in a very professional way.

My products particularly the skin care products, have a short expiration date since they are made from natural ingredients. Some wholesale stock products and I want to make sure that the wholesaler will be aware, on when offer and when to stop offering my beauty products to their customers.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mineral Makeup Blog

I have created a Mineral Makeup Blog few days ago and I am on my way to start working on it with regards to Search Engine Optimization, to reach out to as many women as I can.

In this blog, I will be discusing more about my Mineral Makeup products, how to make, sell and buy the right Mineral Makeup.

I am still working on the blog but soon as it is ready for reading and viewing, I will be posting it's link on this blog.

Online Shopping For Wigs and Hair Extension

I am thinking of adding some wigs on my hair care products because I am having some inquiries about wigs. However, I couldn't find a supplier in Canada so I tried to look for a wig supplier in Canada or USA.

As I was searching for a wig supplier, I found this wigs uk webstore and I was amazed how pretty their wigs are.

AMERICAN DREAM wigs website is known for their creative innovation and unbeatable quality for Hair Extensions.

As I was reading their shipping and delivery page, I learned that they are reputable in 3rd party delivery companies wherin orders are safely deleivered. If the order is lost or stolen in transit it will be the responsible of the carrier company.

They have fast delivery so, it will be good for dropshipping. I just need to learn more about their wholesale prices so I can offer it ina very affordable price for my customer.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making Mineral Makeup Workshop In Canada

I have updated my Making Mineral Makeup Workshop on webstore due to all the inquiries I have been receving about this workshop. I made few details of the things to be expected about the workshop except for the pricing. This way people who are interested will have an idea is this is the kind of workshop that they are looking for. Also, I have indicated that only specific question regarding about the workshop.

If you want to learn more please feel free to visit my webstore Making Mineral Makeup Workshop