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How To Make Mineral Powder Foundation

I am finally sharing to everyone a very simple way of Making Mineral makeup- Powder Foundation. This recipe that you are about to read, doesn't contain a lot of ingredients that may be harmful to your skin. I made and use this recipe for my personal use because I have a very sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.

I will be sharing to you the properties of each ingredients so you can adjust the recipe of your own to suits your type of skin.

For Safety; Wash and sanitize your hands. Use Facial Mask since some of the ingredients can cause irritation. You can use disposable gloves or make sure to use a lot of lotion after the preparation since some of the ingredients can dry your skin.

Making Mineral Powder Makeups can be messy and can stain your counter. Make sure to cover your counter before starting. You can also use an air purifier when working for better air circulation.

Sanitize all the tools and equiment including the counter before and after making your makeup.

Start with 1 Tbsp of Sericite Mica (alternative for bismuth oxychloride which can irritate the skin). This will give your Foundation a glow and sheen and with good coverage properties. Suitable for those who have dark spots. This also helps in improving the appearance of whitelines and wrinkles. However, some people with darker skin may find their face looking ashey or grayish with this ingredients. You can contact me and I will give you an advice for a good alternative with this Serecite Mica.
1/2 Tbsp of Silk Mica-It has the similat properties as Sericite Mica except that it is more silky, whiter, and somewhat more expensive .
1/2 Tbsp of Ultrasilk Mica-creates a smooth sliky effect while providing superior coverage. It adds to the adhesion and gives a beautiful silky feel.
I use Satin Pearl Mica or Diamond Pearl Mica to add shine, shimmer and beautiful sparkle on my Foundation. It is a very translucent white mica powder that adds a youthful shine and adhesion to your foundation formulas.
1 Tbsp of Silica-It is very smooth, silky, translucent fine white powder. It is highly absorbent and used for oil control. It improves slip to your Makeup and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Use in smaller amounts in dry skin formulations.1/4 Tbsp of Cornstarch-I'ts very good replacement for Talc since some people are allergic or irritated from Talc. It is a lightweight, translucent in making body powders, overall face powders, finishing powders and mineral veils. Cornstarch contain a natural skin healing properties and provide nourishment on your skin. However, I only use or add cornstarch on my Makeup for personal because I need to put about 2 years expiration date on your Makeup that contain cornstarch if for selling.
1/2 Tbsp of Titanium Dioxide- My Titanium Dioxide is Oil and water soluble Titanium Dioxide powder, cosmetic grade. It has super whitening effect and withUV light intercepting properties make it ideal for sunscreen formulations. It alsoprovide a natural finish for makeup products. I used this as a main additive in loose mineral foundation, eyeshadows, blush, it adds adhesion to your formulations. Too much Titanium Dioxide for darker skin may not be advisable. You may find that the more amount of Titanium Dioxide on your formula, the more you may find harder to achieve the color that you want.1/2 Tbsp of Kaolin Clay-Also known as White Cosmetic Clay, China Clay, White Clay, Chalk, and White Dirt. It is a soft and gentle clay that can also be mixed with water to form facial masks that help to remove oil from the skin keeping the nose from looking shiny. It adds adhesion and sensitive skin properties.
1/2 Tbsp of Zinc Oxide - is a white powder with wonderful astringent properties. It provide 28 times the skin's natural protections against harmful UVA & UVB rays, anti-bacteria and has a great soothing effect for use in many skin preparations. It add adhesion and coverage for your foundation.
Mix all the ingredients and grind using any food mixer of grinder for at least 2 minutes.
This is your Base Mineral Foundation. Set aside...Now you are ready to make your Base Pigment.
Try adding 1/4 tsp of Tan Iron Oxide
1/2 tsp of Brown Iron Oxide
1/2 tsp of Yellow Iron Oxide

Mix the three color in a Mini Grinder.
This is your Medium Tan Color Pigment
I will now add about 2 large scoops of the Medium Tan Base Pigment to the Base Foundation.
Mix and grind for about 1 to 2 Minutes.
You have made Medium Tan Mineral Foudation. With this batch it cost an approximate amount of $2.00 or less and I can make about 15 to 20 containers of Mineral Foundation

5 grs per container
I will put it in a white organza bag for nice presentation bag per order.

If you have any question please free to contact me through my webstore All Natural Cosmetics4u. Enjoy and have a great day!!

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