Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Make Mineral Lipstick

6.25 gr of Bees Wax
3.75 gr of Carnauba Wax
2.5 gr of Shea Butter
5gr of Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 gr of Jojoba Oil
20 gr of Castor Oil. This gives shine to your lipstickMix all the waxes together.
Stit in a very low heat
Melted Wax
Add all the Oil and this is how it will look like. Continue stirring in a low heat until it looks clear, but do not boil.This is the base lipstick after about an hour or after cool down
Get about 6 grams of your base wax and melt it down again in a very low heat.
Try adding 1 small scoop of Chrome Carmine Mica to add shimmer.
And 1 Large Scoop of Red Iron Oxide
Stir together in few minutes in low heat, but do not boil.
Pour the lipstick in the Lipstick Mold.
Put it in the freezer and let it stay for at least 30 minutes
When ready, slowly unlock the lipstick molder
Open the lipstick molder
And slowly insert the lipstick on the lipstick tube
Roll it down
Close, and you have made your own Mineral Lipstick.
Very economical and you can make you own recipe if you find it too hard or too soft. You can also melt it down again if you don't like the color. And if your old lipstick was cracked, you can melt it down and mold it again.

For Safety; Wash and sanitize your hands. Use Facial Mask since some of the ingredients can cause irritation. You can use disposable gloves or make sure to use a lot of lotion after the preparation since some of the ingredients can dry your skin.

Making Mineral Powder Makeups can be messy and can stain your counter. Make sure to cover your counter before starting. You can also use an air purifier when working for better air circulation.

Sanitize all the tools and equiment including the counter before and after making your makeup.

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