Monday, April 25, 2011

Mineral Makeup Mini Blender For Starters

I just love using my Mineral Makeup Mini Blender. It's perfect for making small batches of Mineral Eyeshadows or for mixing colors.

My Beauty Products is just my hobby and I am just lucky to have some talent in webdesigning that has given me the opportunity to sell my Mineral Makeups and other beauty products online.

This Mineral Makeup Mini Blender have helped me a lot to save time and money since I can experiment on making different colors without wasting a lot of ingredients.

It is also an excellent ools whenever I have orders for small batches of my Mineral Makeup.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mineral Makeup Mini Grinder Online

I just added the Mineral Makeup Making Tools page on my webstore and I will slowly add some tools on my webstore for those who are interested to make their own Mineral Makeup. This will save them money since it will all be packed in a smaller sizes.

I just recently added the Mineral Makeup Mini Grinder which is an excellent tools for smaller batches of powder Mineral Makeup. I use this when I make Mineral Blushes, Mineral Concealer and most of all for my Mineral Eyeshadows.