Saturday, January 9, 2010

Natural Cure For Winter Dry Itchy Skin

The problem that I am always facing during the winter season, aside from the very cold and dry weather here in Toronto, is the terrible dryness and itchiness of my skin. For quite sometime, I am not soaking myself to an aromatic bubble bath that I always used to do to pamper my skin, so I started doing this since Monday because of the itchiness that I am starting to have. For a while, soaking myself in my Natural Bubble Bath seems to work so slow so I thought of applying Calendula Herbal Oil after my relaxing Bubble Bath and the result is amazing.

I am still having a little itchiness but wiht regular application of my Natural Skin Care products along with the direct application of Calendula Herbal Oil, I am pretty sure that the terrible itchiness of my skin will totally disappear.

So for those who are suffering from Winter Dry Itcy Skin, try soaking yourself with an Aromatic Bubble Bath. I suggest you to use my Natural Bubble Bath with either Levender or Chamomile Scent or a combination of both, since Levender and Chamomile Essential has an effective therapeutic effect on skin. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4uto learn more about our Natural Body Bath products.


imelda said...

hpe you get more orders of this this winter.

survivor mom said...

Hi Tey. Happy new year!!

Winter lady said...

An alternative way of keeping your skin healthy and out of dry skin territory is the usage of herbal medicines.

Sisi said...

Thanks for the article!
I have this skin problem as well. Everytime I shower it seems to flare up. Now i'm using this Aveeno soap made with powder oatmeal and it's soap-free and it works wonders!