Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mineral Makeup Brushes On Sale

I have finally put some of my Mineral Makeup Brushes on sale. This is actually my first time to put some of my products on sale. I am pretty excited to accomodate some requests to put my brushes on sale. This sale will end until supplies last so grab the opportunity.

The reason why I put my Mineral Makeup Brushes on sale is because I want more women to try the benefits of using Mineral Makeup Brushes made in natural and high quality hair. I have been using these Brushes and I will never replaced them with any synthetic brushes that I used to buy on signature cosmetic stores, particularly the Kabuki Brush.

The Kabuki Brush is perfect applicator to avoid mess when applying loose powder makeup or foundation. Our Natural Kabuki Brush is made with natural sable hairs. This has a seamless nickel shiny ferrule. This is highly recommended for sensitive skin. Use this Kabuki Brush along with my Mineral Concealer, Eyeshadow Brushes for perfect Mineral Loose Powder application. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

1 Comment:

imelda said...

i also like smooth bristles brush because i dnt like to hurt my skin when i apply powder.