Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Sample or Sample Kit Mineral Makeup

I did few changes on the weight charges of the Mineral Makeup Kit on my shopping cart software. I am so glad and thankful that one customer responded to my survey for incomplete order. I realized that customers might be charge for extra shipping if they order more than 1 mineral makeup kit for eyeshadow. And if they add other Mineral Makeup kit, they will be charge more. So I adjusted the weight and volume for all the Mineral Makeup Sample Kit for lower shipping cost as possible for everyone.

I created the Mineral Makeup Sample Kit so everyone will have the chance to try my Mineral Makeup before buying large orders. I really encourage everyone to get the Free Sample Mineral Makeup or the Mineral Makeup Sample Kit before ordering Mineral Makeup in jars.

Everyone have different type of skin and I really don't want anyone coming back to me complaining that my products didn't work for them. That's why I highly recommend to everyone to get the Free Samples or Sample kit because this is the cheapest way to find the right product for you. I have a Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone Skin so I know exactly how hard and expensive it is to find the right Makeup or cosmetics that will suit my skin.

For Mineral Makeup Sample Kit#1 you will receive *3 colors of Mineral Foundation,* 2 colors of Mineral Eyeshadow, and * 1 color of Mineral Blush.

For Mineral Makeup Sample Kit#2 You will receive* 3 kinds and colors of Foundations,
*2 Mineral Eyeshadows, *1 Mineral Blush, *1 Mineral Concealer, and *1 Mineral Powder.

For Mineral Makeup Sample Kit#3 You will receive * 3 kinds of Foundations, *2 Mineral Eyeshadows, * 1 Mineral Blush, *1 Mineral Concealer, *1 Mineral Powder, *1 Mineral Oil Control and *1 eyelinershadow powder

For Mineral Eyeshadow Sample kit#4 you will receive 4 colors and

For Mineral Eyeshadow Sample Kit#6 you will receive 6 colors eyeshadows

You have a choice to receive it in a small poly bag or in organza gift bag.

If you will order at least 2 to 3 Sample kit, you will only be charge CAD$5.00 for the shipping. Three Sample Kits is good enough to let you know which color and kind of mineral makeup will suits your need. Try it first before buying !! Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.