Monday, October 12, 2009

Choosing The Right Color For Mineral Foundation

I have included the color comparison pictures of my Mineral Foundation. I tried my best to take a clear picture of the colors so everybody will have a clear vision on what color that will suit their skin.

For Light Skin Colors, I recommend Honey Beige, Ivory, Light Tan. These colors usually compliments light skin tones.

For women who have Rosea Skin Problems, I recommend a light pinkish tone such as, Warm Beige, Golden Warm Bronze, Light Brown and Ivory.

For those who have olive skin tone, you can try our Golden Bronze, Light Tan, Honey Beige

For Light to Medium Skin Tone, you can try Light Brown, Medium Tan and Golden Warm Bronze.

For Yellow Skin Tone- I recommend Medium Tan, Golden Bronze, Light Tan

And for Medium to Dark Skin Tone, you can try our Medium Tan and Chocolate Brown.

All colors can be mixed to achieve the desired color for your skin. You can also put extra layer for more coverage. 3 Free Samples are available for Loose foundation or you can get our Mineral Makeup Kit. I recommend getting samples before buying large orders. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u and learn more.