Friday, July 10, 2009

Buy Pure Citronella Ceylon and Citronella Java Essential Oil

I finally added one of my favorite Essential Oil on my webstore. I find Citronella Essential Oil very useful in so many ways. I added two kinds of Citronella Essential for people to have better choices. The Citronella Java Essential Oil and Citronella Ceylon Essential Oil.

Citronella Essential Oil is a very effective Natural Insect Repellant. I used this everyday inside our house using oil burner. It effectively eliminate insect inside our house. Simply put about 5 to 10 drops of Citronella Ceylon or Citronella Java on your Oil Burner. Add few amount of water and light the candle. You will smell the sweet aroma of well rounded lemon citrus scent inside your house. This a very pleasant, healthy and safe way of eliminating insect inside your house. Add few drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil for more pleasant and refreshing scent inside your house.

Citronella Essential Oil is not only good in eliminating insect inside your house but it can also be use to condition oily skin and hair. Simply add and mix Citronella Java or Citronella Ceylon on your Natural Hair and Skin Care products and you will see the difference on your skin and hair in few days. Make sure to mix it on Pure Natural Products. Synthetic substances can kill the natural effect of any Pure Essential Oil.

Citronella Ceylon has stronger Citrus Scent than Citronella Java but the effects are the same in using them as insect repellant or on skin and hair care products. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.


imelda said...

wow these are additional products in ur site, i am awed by your success sis.

Unknown said...

like your other products, these two essential oil products also sound and look good. another thumbs up for you!