Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chamomile Lavender Essential Oil For Natural Aromatherapy

I just love Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oil on my skin. It makes it even more effective when I mixed them with my Bubble Bath base. A very lovely Natural Aromatherapy Bubble Bath I have made.

I used to love using Ombra for my Bubble Bath because of it's lovely aroma. But the effect on my skin is temporary and makes my skin dull and dry after about an hour. Why? because Ombra is not Pure Natural. It is mixed with synthetic ingredients making it's natural substances less effective.

Essential Oil must be diluted to give an effective skin care. It is very effective when mixed with other Pure Natural substances. Our Bubble Bath Base is made up of pure Natural ingredients which makes it perfect for a luxurious soak.

You will feel the relaxing and calming effect of Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oil while soaking yourselt in a tub. It's very thick while gentle on skin. The more you stay, the more it will give your skin the moisture and softness that these two Pure Essential Oil can give.