Saturday, May 16, 2009

Website For Your Mineral Makeup or Natural Cosmetics

I have been attending to different forums about Mineral Makeup and Natural Cosmetics. This have help me so much to gain more knowledge and technique to have better quality products. I learn so much from people who have been doing Mineral Makeup and Natural Skin Care Products.

One thing I noticed, there are so many talented Mineral Makeup and Natural Cosmetics makers and some have been doing some business on their own simple way. Most of them dont have a website or webstore. Having a website and a webstore can give your product a great exposure. So I am thinking of building a website or perhaps include one page on my webstore where I can offer my service to Mineral Makeup and Natural Cosmetics makers.

For those Mineral Makeup and Natural Cosmetics makers who are interested to have their own Website or Webstore, leave a comment on this post. I offer the basic website design for only CAD$75.00. This includes 5 pages about you and your products. An additional CAD$15.00 per page for products.