Saturday, May 23, 2009

Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts With Pure Essential Oil

Dead Sea Bath Salts with Pure Essential Oil

I used to wonder why people are looking for sea salts and use them on their bath products. I did some research and tried it myself. Only then I realized how it effectively relieves dry skin and nourish my skin.

Dead Sea salts are composed of different minerals. Dead Sea has only about 10% sodium and the rest are minerals which is good for maintaining a healthy skin. Dead Sea Salt tastes bitter because of the mineral and low sodium content. When Dead Sea Bath Salts are used on Cosmetics, it helps to improve the overall health and vitality of the skin. Because of many essential minerals present on the Dead Sea Salts, a lot of people travel all over the world to get relief from their skin ailments such as Psoriasis, Eczema and many more.

You can try soaking yourself into your bath tub and sprinkle with Dead Sea Salt for a couple of minutes. You will feel a deep relaxation on your muscles and how it nourish your skin. Adding few drops of Essential Oil makes it even more effective. We offer a Dead Sea Bath Salts with Pure Essential Oil for complete Aromatherapy Relaxation and Natural Skin nourishment. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.