Friday, May 1, 2009

Dropshipping or Private Labelling Mineral Makeup In Canada

When I decided to start an online business, I tried looking for a dropshipper for Mineral Makeup and other Natural Cosmetics. Most of the supplier and manufacturers of Mineral Makeup are from the United States. All dont dropship to Canada. And even if they do, they require a minimum orders which is quite disappointing for someone who is just starting an online business.

I never want to sell products that I am not passionate about. Because I always believe that to be successful, everything should come from the heart. I wanted to sell Mineral Makeup and Natural Skin Care Products because this is what I love to use for myself.

At first I am not so confident to sell my own products because of the added work on my part. Like the packaging, labelling etc... But because I couldn't find a supplier, manufaturer who offer a good price and condition for someone who is just starting an online business, I have no choice but to push myself to sell my own created Mineral Makeup and Natural Cosmetics.

Now that I started this business/selling my own products, I want to offer my products to those who want to start a business in Mineral Makeup and Natural Skin Care products. All with flexible conditions.

Dropshipping or Reselling is the easiest way for someone who want to start a business online. You simpy order and pay directly from my webstore, and we can send your ordered products directly from your customers. You can charge your customers on whatever price that you wish for each of my products. One good thing about reselling my Mineral Makeup and Natural Skin Care, THERE IS NO THIRD PARTY involve. No distributors for extra cost of each of my products.

Private labelling or no labeling is good for those who have their own Beauty Salon or SPA. We create our products for your business. To learn more about how we can provide business for you, please visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics.

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Unknown said...

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