Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Mineral Makeup with Bases For Beginners

I work for more than 5 hours infront of my computer to add Mineral Makeup Bases on my webstore. I made this products category for people who are interested to start making their own Mineral Makeup. I really believe that Mineral Makeup Making should start with Mineral Foundations. I made the Mineral Makeup Foundation Base specially for beginners. I made Pigment bases to make it easier for every beginners to experiment with less mess and wastes.

The Mineral Foundation Base available on my webstore is the Foundation Base for my Flawless Premium Mineral Foundation. This has superior coverage and adhesion. Due to the added whitening ingredients, this foundation is recommended for light to medium skin color.

I made the Pigment Base ready to add on the Mineral Foundation Base. Colors available are Ivory, Honey Beige, Brown and Chocolate Brown. All you have to do is add one or more scoop of the Pigment base on the Mineral Foundation Base. You add less or more for your desired color.


You will need a coffee grinder or a hand mixer for mixing the product

  1. In 2 tbsp of the Mineral Foundation
  2. Add 2 to 3 Large Scoop of the Pigment Base and mix on the Mixer for about 5 minutes.
  3. If you want deeper or darker color, simply add more scoop of the pigment.
  4. You can also add yellow, tan or brown Iron Oxide. depends on how deep or dark the color you want to achive.

These Mineral Makeup Bases will guide you on how to make your own Mineral Makeup. Constant practice will guide you on creating your own way in Making Mineral Makeup.

If you are going to resell this Mineral Makeup, start calculating the cost of the ingredients including the shipping cost. About 5 to 8 grams of this Mineral Foundation Base can fill our 30grams sifter jars. So for 250 grams of this Mineral Foundation Base, you can make about 25 to 50 jars of Mineral Foundation.

You can purchase this Mineral Foundation Base for CAD%50.00/250grams and CAD$53.00/50grams together with one spatula, 2 large scoops and 2 small scoops. Pigment Bases and Iron Oxide are available for purchase in small sizes.

Here are some color guide for your Mineral Makeup Making. I really hope you'll have fun creating your own Mineral Makeup. More Natural Cosmetic bases will be posted for everyone who are interested to make their own Natural Cosmetics like lotions, creams gels and many more. Visit us often or subscribe to our newletter to keep you update on our new products.