Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How To Choose MIneral Makeup For You

  • I've done few changes on the Formula of my Mineral Foundation and on my webstore as well. I want to focus my Mineral Makeup and Facial Care products for Sensitive, Oily and Acne Prone skin since this has always been my problem.

Elegant Loose Mineral Foundation this will give full coverage and extra adhesion.

  • Opaque Shimmer- will give you a slight glow.
  • Opaque Matte- for natural matte look.

-Ultimate Loose Mineral Foundation this will provide translucent coverage yet good enough to cover minor blemishes.

  • Translucent Matte for very natural matte look.
  • Translucent Shimmer- will give you a slight pearl shine.

- Premium Loose Mineral Foundation for superior coverage and to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Flawless with give you a normal slight glow.
  • Flawless Glow- for extra glow and shimmer...SOON!!

The Opaque Matte and Opaque Shimmer is what I personally use. This has more natural effect. I love the way my Opaque Shimmer give glow on my skin. I always use Matte Foundation due to my oily skin. I have been wanting to buy Foundations with a little sparkle but afraid to use one. Now with the added ingredients that controls the oiliness of my skin, I was able to create and use a foundation that has a sparkling effects on my oily skin. Since the formula for Opaque Foundation is good for light to dark skin color, expect more colors on this type of foundation for light to dark skin colors.

If you have a dry skin, I highly recommend my Premium Mineral Foundations. Because of the whitening ingredients added, I recommend this foundation for light skin color. I made this especially for light to medium skin color. Only light colors will be available for this type of foundation. This will give you more glow, adhesion and coverage. Ingredients that controls oil are also added, so you have to tell me if you have very dry skin so I can adjust the formula for you.