Sunday, March 22, 2009

Treat Your Acne With Natural Facial Care

Before I learned how to make my own Natural Cosmetics, I used Proactive Solution for treating my Acne. Proactive is the only products that treated my Acne so I used all their products from their Makeup Products, Facial Care and Body Care products. However, the price is very costly which made me limit myself on using especially their makeups.

Then I found out that I can make myself a wonderful cosmetics using Natural Ingredients to treat my sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. I am now happier than ever, that I cannot only save money for using these very effective natural ingredients but I can also share it with a lot of people who are suffering from Acne. I choose to sell Natural Cosmetics on my webstore because I know how beneficial it is to use Natural products.

With the number of years that I used Proactive Solutions to treat my Acne, I have develop some spots on the upper part of my cheek. Proactive work for sometime but made my skin so dry and dull especially during winter.

If you are using Proactive Solution or other synthetic Acne treatment products, think twice. It may work but you will eventually develop some spots due to sun exposure. Always make sure that your skin is protected. Use Mineral Makeup because Mineral Makeup has built in sunscreen which is very good if you are using harsh ingredients to treat your skin problems.

Using Natural Cosmetics to treat your Acne is cheaper and more effective. It has mild and gentle ingredients but very effective in treating different skin problems. Treating Acne shouldn't be treated with Harsh Ingredients but with mild and gentle solution. Visit my webstore to learn more about my Natural Facial Care products. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concern.