Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Your Acne

Another natural way to clean while treating your Acne and pimple problem is by using Witch Hazel Astringent with Tea Trea Essential Oil. I really think that there is no real cure for Acne but to keep your face always clean and avoiding harsh ingredients. Using harsh ingredients will not cure your Acne but will make it worst.

Use mild and gentle face cleanser made up of natural ingredients. It will nourish and clean your face while treating your acne. Tea Tree Essential Oil is known for its antibacterial, disinfectant, fungicidal and virucidal properties which is very good to treat your acne and pimple breakout. While Witch Hazel will wipe away those extra dirt and oil on your skin that cause acne. You can buy Witch Hazel with Tea Tree Essential Oil on my webstore in 250gram and 500 grams. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u and learn more about different natural cosmetics products that will help you deal with your Acne and Pimple problems. You may want to buy our Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil to put directly only on affected areas. This will heal the acne and pimples faster.