Friday, March 13, 2009

Natural Hair Treatment To Control Dandruff

Aside from my Acne Prone skin, one biggest problem I have is controlling my dandruff especially during winter season. The Natural Shampoo and Natural Hair Conditoner I used is not enough to help ease my dandruff problem. So creating a very simple yet very effective Natural Dandruff Hair Treatment just made me so happy. So I am sharing it with everyone who are suffering from dandruff, like I do.

You can do my personally made Dandruff Hair Treatment recipe or you can buy it on my webstore for only $10.00/100gram. It's a mixture of Jojoba carrier Oil and drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Essential and Rosemary Essential Oil. I massage it to my damp hair and scalp for about 1 minute. Then use my heating cap for 20 minutes. If you dont have a heating cap, leave it on your hair for about 2 hours. Wash your hair using your favorite shampoo and hair conditoner. You'll see how clean your scalp is and the wonderful shine on your hair.

The 100 grams is good for 5 or more hair treatment for short hair. Very affordable and natural. However, Pregnant women should be aware about the use of the added essential oil. Pregnant women can just use jojoba carrier oil alone for Hair Treatment. Hairloss treatment is also available for only $12.00/100grams. I will be adding more Natural Ingredients on my webstore for everyone who are interested to create their own Natural Beauty Cosmetics. Visit my Natural Hair Care products and learn more.